Monday, June 14, 2010

My response to Jane Hamsher' Artilce "Why The Sierra Club No Longer Deserves Your Trust"

This is my response to Jane Hamsher's article titled "Why The Sierra Club No Longer Deserves Your Trust"   published in the Huffington Post on June 14, 2010

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Dear Ms Hamsher,

As 30 year member of the Sierra Club, I find you article insulting and degrading to every member of the Club. The Sierra Club is a grass roots organization, so I ask you, what are you doing -- besides criticizing others -- to assist with the people and the ecosystem of the Gulf?

The Club has been actively asking for volunteers to assist with whatever they can to assist the people and animals of the Gulf. Members from around the country have answered the call and are donating their time, talents, and resources to aid the people and the environment of the Gulf.

Your article insults those very volunteers and every Sierra Club member who has ever volunteered to help with an environmental cause -- be it lobbying for stronger legislation, testifying at local or state hearing, or promoting the outdoors by sponsoring a trip or an outing to a natural wonder.

While you feel the Obama administration can wave this magic wand and instantly fix this mess in the Gulf, they can’t. No one can. Even if the administration nationalized the efforts to cap the well and clean up the spill they would not be able too much of anything until the well is sealed.

If you want to criticize someone, look in the mirror. It is the public’s apathetic and uncaring attitude which caused this spill. The Sierra Club has been fighting for decades for cleaner energy solutions while the general pubic buys gas guzzling SUVs and energy inefficient mc-mansions. The public has also allowed the previous administration to block any measures aimed at increasing energy efficiency.

It is disappointing when people like you suddenly jump on the bandwagon to criticize others who have spent years making REAL efforts to protect our environment. It’s time you and your fellow ambassadors of anger stop complaining about the problem and become part of the solution.

You want someone to do something? You start! Write your congressman and senators and urge them to support legislation that provides for clean energy. Volunteer at a local environmental preserve. Make a donation. Just stop pointing fingers… unless it’s at yourself.

Jane, your ramblings are not better than the claptrap that comes out of Rush Limbaugh or Gen Beck!

Now let see if Jane Hamsher bothers to read or reply (I doubt she will)


  1. Yes I am PO'ed at her, I think she has some sort of vendetta against the club as this isn't the first time she has been critical of the Sierra Club.

    She most likely has never attended a local club event or meeting to see how hard these dedicated individuals who work for the club in their spare time and many using their own resources to help preserve and protect the environment.

    It must be nice to be able to sit on her high horse and spew criticisms to the masses while others get down and dirty working on actual problems dealing with the environment.

  2. To be honest, I agree with many of the points she makes. Of course its easier to point fingers and blame the sierra club, and for that reason I think your response is correct (if vitrolic). However, I do think the club seems to be playing an inside game at the expense of keeping the pressure up when needed.

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